Client Testimonials

I began to work with Jamie because I noticed that as I grew older I was starting to lose functional movement that I used to take for granted.  It was harder to get up from a seated position, climb stairs and balance was fading.  Thank God that I never had to chase the garbage lid down the street, it could have been the end of me. 

In a short period of time I have come so far that all my worries have gone.  I can almost get up off the floor from a sitting position, I can kick my legs to shoulder height and have excellent balance while doing it.  Jamie has brought me so far that I can run laps in the gym, sprint and run the stairs.  I am now flipping tires and things I haven't been able to do in years.  Bring on that garbage lid.  I should mention that I am working on 63 years of age, and now I feel great.

When I started working with Jamie I had a couple of old injuries, a messed up shoulder that prevented me from raising my elbow up, a bad knee and lower back that kept me going to the chiropractor and caused great pain.  These injuries have totally gone away.

If you are considering working with Jamie at Ascend you will find it is truly worth the investment of time, energy and commitment.  Absolutely.

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As most people who know me and my family will tell you, we are big and beautiful folk! This is no different for my son Tyler. He is 13 yrs old. Already 6’1 and 240 lbs.  I knew he needed some guidance from someone I trusted and could give Ty that extra edge as football season was coming soon. 
Jamie McCurdy and I have been friends for 34 yrs.  He is a personal trainer and has played the game of football.  I also knew he would motivate Tyler in the best way.... laughter. 
Today Ty is in football with a better attitude because he is in better condition. Stamina is outstanding and his ability to perform at a higher level of physical awareness is all due to the amazing efforts given by Jamie. Ty is happier and confident. We look forward to continuing with Jamie when football season is complete. It’s a commitment Ty takes to heart, because Jamie is the best supporter of his well being. 
Thanks Jamie.

Jodi Parent

I am a 60 year old retired teacher.  The most strenuous daily activity that I did for years was writing on a chalk board and carrying around a meter stick.  I the words of Charles Dickens, "Minds like bodies, will often fall into a pimpled, ill-conditioned state from mere excess of comfort."  Unfortunately, this "excess of comfort" led me to Type 2 Diabetes and a heart attack.  I had to take control!  So, I lost a considerable amount of weight and started working with Jamie McCurdy as my Personal Trainer.  At first I was unsure about what to expect or even what I could accomplish with a Trainer.  However, Jamie's Professionalism and expertise in his field allowed him to see my potential.  He worked within my own capabilities, yet always encouraged me to try something new.  My experience has been positive and rewarding.  Not only am I more enthusiastic about exercising after having worked with Jamie, he has managed to help me deal with my pain from arthritic knees.  Also, I now take only oral meds not injections for my Diabetes.  And if this wasn't enough in itself, I have improved fantastically in Flexibility, Mobility and General Strength.

I recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to have fun while accomplishing life long goals.  To quote A. Phillip Randolph, "It's easy to get people's attention, what counts is getting their interest."  Thanks Jamie, for peaking my interest to do more.

G. Hidi

After a sedentary Winter, I knew that although my Yoga practice was an activity that I looked forward to on a daily basis, it wasn't enough of a workout to satisfy my need for some time in the Gym to really get my heart rate up, sweat a little and do what was needed to get my body back into shape.

I decided to contact Jamie at ASCEND to see what his Personal Training program might have to offer to someone my age and with some physical limitations.  We met, talked, Jamie listened and at the end of our meeting suggested a customized program that we thought I would be able to follow.  I started my journey with Jamie the very next Monday.  That was six months ago and I am able to happily report that together he and I have more than exceeded my expectations.  With an exercise regimen designed for me personally, I have lost about 8lbs., considerably toned my body, upped my stamina and energy levels and am now able to ride the stationary bike, walk on the treadmill for extended periods of time and use the various equipment choices available without feeling fatigued.

It has been a great experience, one that I intend to continue and one that I want to say thank you so much to Jamie for providing.  Try it...... you'll like it!

Anne Winograd 

Jamie McCurdy has been my personal fitness trainer at the Jewish Community for over three years.  I am a young senior citizen.  I have found that having him oversee my program has helped me keep in good health overall, while addressing the issues that I do have.  He is a good listener and know how to motivate and encourage.  His knowledge of medical considerations is impressive.  I am so glad I found him.

Howard Douglas

"It doesn't matter where you fit - just beginning, a seasoned athlete, young, old, have goals to meet or no planned direction at all Jamie can get you where you need to be.  He's extremely knowledgeable and a true professional.  If you're willing to work hard you'll have fun but he'll make you sweat! I have lost over 50 lbs. so far. Thanks Jamie."

Maureen Decaire